STRENGTHEN: Results-Driven Executive Coaching

Leaders across all industries are facing waves of transformative and disruptive change. As a result, the requisite skill sets for leading a team or organization effectively has never been deeper or broader than today.

In order to be a transformative leader who will successfully navigate the changes within an industry, they will need to lead and contribute across three core dimensions within their organization:

  • Functional
  • Cultural
  • Organizational leadership

Our unique 3, 6 or 12 month 5-Step approach to executive coaching is based on developing and implementing a leadership development plan that addresses each of these dimensions to intentionally STRENGTHEN the leader in support of our clients strategy and priorities.

Based on the company’s strategy and priorities, we work with the client to define “what right looks like” for a leadership position across all three dimensions. We then work with the executive to develop and implement a holistic approach to furthering their skills and abilities across all three areas.

Transformative leaders are those who can advance a company’s values and norms, demonstrate its essential leadership qualities for all and develop expertise within their areas of responsibility that are competitively unique.

We serve as an essential resource and Leadership Advisor for our clients in the development of these transformative leaders. To learn more about our executive coaching and other services, please contact us.